Puggle is a helper library designed to make the everyday life of a Corona SDK user just a little bit easier. It includes various systems from data storage, achievements, sound, input, and many more.

The library is stored on GitLab and can be accessed here.

Please feel free to clone/fork it if you like however for all of these tutorials I will be adding it as a submodule to the git repo of each project. To do this in your own projects simply run this command:

git submodule add https://gitlab.com/grahamranson/Puggle.git puggle

If you’re not using git for your project you can simply download the latest version of Puggle here and then unzip all the files into a folder called ‘puggle’ inside the root of your project alongside your ‘main.lua’ file.

Once you have the library in your project you then just need to require it in your main.lua file like so:

require( "puggle.core" )

In the future Puggle will be also be released as a plugin to make this process simpler.


Below is a list of all Puggle tutorials I have created, this post will be updated overtime as more are written.

Making objects follow the mouse with Puggle
Saving high scores with Puggle
Controlling objects with Puggle
Shooting bullets from a Player with Puggle [ COMING SOON ]
Using the Config system in Puggle [ COMING SOON ]